C# Fundamentals

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About this Course

This course covers the essential basic concepts of object-oriented programming using Visual Studio and C#

C# Fundamentals Course Outline

  1. About this Course
  2. Using Visual Studio, Create a new Console Application
  3. Create a class
  4. Intrinsic datatypes
  5. Add properties to a class
  6. Add methods to a class
  7. Create a new object with the default Constructor
  8. Add a Construcor to a class
  9. Create a new object using a custom Constructor
  10. Arrays and Collections
  11. Create a List Collection of Objects
  12. Create a Derived class
  13. Add overide properties and methods to the derived class
  14. Work with Namespaces
  15. Branching and Looping
  16. Try .. Catch Error Handling

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