T-SQL Essentials

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About this Course

Are you itching to get your hands on data locked away in an SQL database?

This course provides a solid practical grounding with lots of hands-on exercises using the SQL SELECT command, the workhorse for getting data out of an SQL database.

T-SQL Essentials Course Outline

  1. About this Course
  2. SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Key Concepts: Database, Table, Column
  5. WHERE (Filter Text)
  6. Key Concepts: Data Types
  7. WHERE (Filter Numbers)
  8. WHERE (Filter Dates)
  9. WHERE (Filter NULL)
  10. Column Aliases (AS)
  11. ORDER BY
  13. AGGREGATE Functions
  14. GROUP BY (with SQL)
  15. GROUP BY (with Excel Pivot Table using an SQL table)
  16. Key Concepts: Primary Key, Foreign Key, Relationship, Referential Integrity
  17. JOIN
  19. GROUP BY (with Excel Pivot Table using an SQL Query)

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