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About this Course

In this course you will build a web-based "To Do List" application using MVC. List items will be stored in an SQL database, and the Entity Framework used to create the Model class library model which forms the interface between the Controllers and the Database. You will create Controllers and Views using both the Scaffolding Wizard and by hand, then extend the EF partial classes and create a Viewmodel to aggregate View data from several database tables. For the finishing touches, you will add Bootstrap UI elements to give a mobile-friendly end product. Finally, if time allows, you will publish the completed solution to IIS.

Note that prerequisites for this course are a solid understanding of HTML and CSS and C# Fundamentals

MVC with ASP.NET Course Outline

  1. Model-View-Controller Overview
  2. Create Database "ToDoListDB"
  3. Create new Visual Studio MVC Project "ToDoList"
  4. Create Model using Entity Framework "Database First" Wizard
  5. Create Controllers and Views using the MVC Scaffolding Wizard
  6. Working with Views (HTML + CSS + Razor)
  7. Modify a database Table, then Update the MVC Model
  8. Working with Controllers and Models (C#)
  9. Extend the EF Model Classes
  10. Create a Viewmodel
  11. Apply Bootstrap UI styling and elements, then test on mobile-size screen
  12. Deploy to IIS

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