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Course Evaluation comments from over the years ...

"Very good, lots of real world examples"

Excel, James

"Jon's real world knowledge and experiences really made a huge difference when explaining examples"

Sharepoint, Alex

"Jon clearly has a lot of real world experience and this shows in the many examples he provided"

Sharepoint, Robbie

"every PC worked well and we had many options to work with in creating our custom lab"

VBA with Excel, Robyn

"Excellent Tutoring Style"

VBA with Excel, Jim

"Jon's labs were very good and mirrored some of the stuff that we have done at work. His labs were also fairly challenging!"

Exchange, Al

"Jon is a very good instructor with a wide knowledge of computers. His sense of humour is also very good., overall nicely weighted. Thanks Jon for making this course a success."

Powershell, Jem

"Instructor was enthusiastic and made learning fun."

HTML and CSS, Gina

"Great pace, good examples, very friendly and helpful"

HTML and CSS, Anne

"Great instructor, would recommend to anyone"

HTML and CSS, Toni

"Excellent and knowledgeable trainer"

Reporting Services, Manson


Reporting Services, Oz

"He is superb."

T-SQL, William

"Excellent in the sense that the practicality of the course was emphasized.This was the best feature of all"

T-SQL, Charlie

"The book is full of technicality, the course was run in the way that you manually work out how the systems integrate which suited my style of learning."

Exchange, Edwin

"Equipment was very good.No problems here."

MVC with ASP.NET, Gavin

"The practical labs that Jon had us setup where a fantastic way to get us to solve real world problems in IT."

Sharepoint, Wim

"The training material Jon provided was outstanding."

Sharepoint, Tomas

"Tries to keep students engaged especially when issues arise by getting other students involved in the solution."

T-SQL, Morris

"Uses his real world experiences to explain things both good and bad."

Sharepoint, Lex

"Excellent understanding of material and delivery of course was handled very well. was very good at helping us investigate stuff that was beyond the course parameters. every real world question asked was answered fully"

Sharepoint, Jenna

"I liked how the instructior was open to our views on the matter and even let us solve a triple method query also."

T-SQL, Jason

"Really enjoyed some of the examples used. Help to make sense of things."

Sharepoint, Lonnie

"I liked the way Jon pushed us into trying things ourselves often having to try and figure out the answer ourselves. He was always there for support and we were never left stuck for too long, but letting us have a go meant the training was more like the real world."

T-SQL, Henry

"Good knowledge of both SQL and differing learning styles people may come with"

T-SQL, Hanna

"I thought Jon delivered the material well especially as we had many people in the room with different levels of knowledge. I also felt that he provided many real life examples that will be useful when I get back to work."

VBA with Excel, Paul

"Excellent instructor. I found Jon fantastic. I would happily go to other courses held by him over others by competitors."

VBA with Excel, Elizabeth

"Jon delivered the training flawlessly, and I would gladly attend his courses in the future."

VBA with Excel, Quentin

"Fantastic instructor. Very clearly explained everything and was very patient and helpful."

Javascript and JQuery, Kirsten

"Because of my experience with the product the course was quite freeform which for me was great as we were able to cover off some really advanced components that can't be done in a production environment."

Sharepoint, Lyall

"Excellent space for learning."

PowerPivot with Excel, Jackie

"John is really professional with his delivary but keeps a brilliant sense of humor going through out and keeps your attention. He also speaks simply and in such a way total newbies can understand something complex. He alos tailored the course to our needs."

PowerPivot with Excel, Sam

"Awesome real world situation stories"

Sharepoint, Ronald

"Very approachable and ready to answer any amount of questions"

Sharepoint, Wendy

"Very impressed with the content and format of the training"

Excel, Lex

"Very easy to relate to."

Excel, Annie

"Funny and informative instructor."

Excel, Ian

"Delivery of training is outstanding, inspires to think and work on solutions together. Stimulating all students, and managed to get very different kinds of users all up skilled."

Excel, Yvonne

"The hands on aspect was very helpful and Jon moved at the pace of the slowest participant."

T-SQL, Ron

"Jon paces the training really well and expands on details comprehensively when asked. He makes what could be quite dry subject material enjoyable and ensures we understand the content as opposed to just following the exercises by route."

T-SQL, Katie

"A great environment for learning no hassles from the hardware or software."

Analysis Services, Peter

"Jon was easy to understand, and patient where needed.He had great understanding of the subject and was pleasant to listen and work with."

Analysis Services, Brian

"Covered all the areas. A bit more time to mull over what we were doing would have been nice but course covers a lot so moving forward all the time."

Analysis Services, Ed

"The instructor was very patient, and helpful The small class size enabled me to work at a comfortable pace, and allowed time discuss the issues at hand with the instructor."

VBA with Excel, Margaret

"Jon had a great style of training and was very personable. He made it an enjoyable 3 days"

T-SQL, Christine

"Great instructor, just enough crazy to make it entertaining at the same time."

T-SQL, Kurt

"very fun to be around. enjoyed his training style. very knowledgeable."

Sharepoint, Jonna

"Jon was great. Both knowledgeable and extremely likeable."

Sharepoint, Wendy

"Very good in terms of understanding our knowledge and supplying a teaching format to our skills."

Sharepoint, Linda

"Jon's an excellent trainer, his methods are very much what you would expect in real world environment where everything would break or go wrong. One of the first MS training I've not fallen asleep from boredom."

Reporting Services, Bruce

"He had a friendly manner and was willing to tailor the course to our needs."

Reporting Services, Gavin

"I appreciated the trainer moulding some of the examples to things specifically relevant for me."

Sharepoint, Viv

"Fantastic trainer"